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Intrinsically Safe

9th December 2016

Radios are built strong and are able to handle almost any situation so it’s no surprise that when you need communication in hazardous environments that radios are built to withstand the most extreme conditions.  Ensuring your workers are safe is easy when you choose intrinsically safe radios as they are engineered to operate safely in hazardous environments.

Tait radios are built tough and it’s no different with their intrinsically safe TP9400 radio!  The TP9400 is designed and tested to meet global IS standards and is made in the internationally recognised blue colour ensuring instant recognition in the field.

The key features and benefits include:

  • Delivering the P25 standard
    • TIA-102 P25 CAP tested providing multi-vendor interoperability
  • Designed for demanding environments
    • IP67 sealing protects to one meter of water for 30 minutes
    • Water shedding grille assists voice clarity and volume in wet environments
    • Shock absorbing impact-protected corners
  • High performance voice communications
    • Robust design delivers clear, mission critical voice communications
    • Unique microphone design coupled with AMBE+2 enhanced vocoder reduces background noise in demanding environments
    • Voting ensures priority selection of the channel with optimum receive quality
  • Improved workforce safety
    • Programmable emergency key is easily accessible and highly visible on the radio
    • Inbuilt GPS transmits location over your conventional voice network
    • Radio inhibit and uninhibit to allow management of misplaced or stolen radios.

Download the Tait TP9461 portable radio brochure!