Console Systems

Omnitronics 960 Consoles/handsets

For smaller applications where multiple operators need to access up to three radios, the cost-effective range of handsets and consoles can provide functions such as channel selection, remote channel change, Selcal encode and decode and trunked radio operation.

Omnitronics DX64

The DX-64 is a premiere radio dispatch product, adding to our product line a flexible and expandable platform that continues to share our key product feature - reliability.  The DX-64 is a culmination of years of experience in providing radio management dispatch to government agencies, public safety organisations, transport, mining and oil & gas companies.  With a fully digital backbone and computer driven user interface, this product is packed with features to continually perform in demanding situations.

Omnitronics 950

The Omnitronics 950 Radio Management System is an extremely reliable, versatile and cost effective system for small to medium communication centres. It is a modular system that allows for ease of expansion allowing for multiple operators and up to 12 radio channels.

Omnitronics IP Interfaces

The IP Remote family is designed to provide Voice over IP extensions for analog radio equipment. The devices enable analog two-way radios to be remotely controlled over IP and will reliably transport signalling tones using data compression. The IPR100 is a single channel device with a local handset/console port whilst the IPR400 provides the ability to interface four radios from a compact 1-RU 19" housing. IP remote units can be used to create back-to-back IP links between two or more radios using point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communications. The handset port on the IPR100 enables it to provide remote control and monitoring of a single radio from an operator's handset or console. The IPR400 provides additional features such as site monitoring via SNMP and audio bridging (cross-banding). The audio bridging facility provides the means to link together groups of radios, IP and VoIP channels, in various combinations.
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