Radio communications that will innovate and evolve with you

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To keep things moving in the manufacturing industry requires the ability to oversee and communicate with key personnel, respond to urgent orders and meet packing and shipping deadlines whilst maintaining profitability. We have a proven track record in improving turn-around times and enabling seamless information flow with automated digital two way radio voice, applications and data.

We understand that production stoppages cost money. Our technology is designed to minimise production line downtime using intelligent radio functionality.

We are a trusted technology partner to some of South Australia’s best manufacturers including GM Holden and Electrolux. Our local and national networks ensure that your manufacturing plant remains connected to your on-road fleet and suppliers, with central dispatch functionality, and streamlined scheduling and routing capability. Other important features include:

  • Indoor tracking to determine to identify when plant workers are in dangerous areas
  • Automatic logging of time sheets for optimised workflow
  • Alarm reporting for line stoppages
  • Central dispatch to signal the nearest resource and assign a task
  • Digital voice clarity and noise cancellation for noisy environments

To find out how we can support you in driving innovation, contact our Adelaide manufacturing two way radio specialists.

Teams on the move are our speciality – intelligent radio solutions

Constant visibility of team member location and cargo status allows for easy goal setting and achievement. Plant personnel will feel reassured by the ability to communicate work orders in real time with warehouse staff and fleet drivers.

Central dispatch enables you to optimise route planning and assign resources more efficiently. At CSE Tetracom, we’re focused on assisting you to find better ways of doing things – it’s how we develop trust and long-term partnerships.