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Iluka Resources Expansion

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Tetracom have supported Iluka Resources operations in the Murray Basin for some time.  When Iluka expanded their operations in the area, they called on Tetracom to provide a radio solution for their new Ouyen open-cut Rutile and Zircon mine.

This system uses 4 Tait TB8100 repeaters with Omnitronics consoles operating from 2 locations and connected to the repeaters via an IP interface.  Existing Iluka channels have been reused wherever possible to allow terminal equipment to operate across all sites.

Tetracom were also successful in winning a tender to provide radio communications, Satellite TV rebroadcast and associated services for the new Iluka Jacinth Ambrosia mine near Eucla in South Australia.

This system consists of 2 repeater sites with channels linked via IP interfaces.  Terminal equipment is programmed to vote for the site providing the best signal strength for reliable communications.  

Supporting Iluka’s focus on Health and Safety, the radios have a Lone Worker function enabled to provide alarms if workers do not report their well being at predetermined times.

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