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Iluka Resources WRP mineral sand mine


Tetracom recently assisted Iluka in commissioning its new WRP mineral sand mine near Ouyen.  This required a precisely timed deployment to recover equipment from the recently wound up mine at Douglas Echo site as well as from their Kulwin mine which is currently being rehabilitated.

With a crew of six technicians and riggers we coordinated the recovery of two towers, comms huts, solar installation and equipment from these two sites and relocated them to the new site.

The new mine required two radio sites to provide full coverage along the mine pits, the longest being approximately 16kms long.  This requirement was determined from a site survey conducted during the planning phase of the project.  Tait repeaters, mobiles and a mix of Tait and Icom portables are now being used in the new location.

All works were completed on time and on budget with minimal bother to Iluka.  This was important to Iluka as they had their own headaches relocating the plant.  The picture shows just one piece of a very large jigsaw puzzle.  This part is over 3 storeys high and needed 2 trucks in a push pull configuration to move it along over 20kms of public highway from the Kulwin mine to WRP. 

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