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The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia have completed the implementation of their fourth generation data dispatch system.  

Tetracom provided the core radio network components that support this system including:
- Tait TB8100 base stations
- Omnitronics DX64 radio management system
- Tait TM8105 mobile radios.

The RAA specified some key operational criteria that needed to be satisfied from our solution.  These included a primary data delivery system that was based on radio, back-up data delivery by GPRS, remote diagnostics to each radio base station, a software flexible radio management system that could duplicate the work methods traditionally employed by radio dispatchers while delivering flexibility for implantation of advanced features over time and radios/data screens that provided a pathway to expanded field capabilities for their patrols.  All of this needed to integrate with the RAA’s in-house Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.  

In order to satisfy these requirements, Tetracom teamed with Sigtec who provided the
Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) and customised software that presents a user interface that was custom designed for the RAA and their specific needs.

The final solution involved some innovative thinking and commitment from all parties
including the RAA and has resulted a unique system that the RAA can be proud of.

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