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Terminals Pty Ltd have recently commissioned stage one of a new $110 million bulk fuel storage facility at Pelican Point (Outer Harbour) to meet the growing fuel demands of South Australia.  Stage 1 will include new storage tanks with a combined capacity of up to 85 million litres.  Stage 2 will lift this capacity to 135 million litres, which is enough fuel stocks for an estimated 2 weeks’ worth of fuel supplies for the state.

The new facility required a mission critical communication solution that offered much more than just simple talk and listen radio functionality.  The solution included the ability to have multiple operational talkgroups communicating at the same time, private call functions (one to one), various worker safety alarm features such as duress, man
down and lone worker alarm functions.

Naturally, all radios needed to be intrinsically safe for use around a potentially explosive atmosphere and had to be IP67 (water proof) rated to be capable of operating in all weather conditions.  The system chosen to meet these operational demands was a TETRA mission critical trunking solution consisting of DAMM system infrastructure and Sepura terminal units.

The DAMM system infrastructure provides the equivalent of four repeater channels in a trunked environment and is fully scalable.  A key feature of this solution was the provision of a Tetra modem interface that communicates directly via IP with the many PLC controllers scattered throughout the plant to convey alarm conditions directly to the Sepura radio units via text messaging as well as sending emails to specific personnel in case of an emergency situation.

The new system provides radio coverage to all areas of operation including the ship unloading area at the wharf at Outer Harbour.

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