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Have you heard of TurboTrack?

29th June 2017

TurboTrack is a complete asset management tool that can provide vehicle management, WHS monitoring, alarms, incident management as well as improve productivity and time management and provide reporting and status updates.  TurboTrack has developed a unique interface that features sophisticated tracking information globally accessible online.  It combines the technologies of Motorola portable and mobile radios, satellite devices and cellular GSM and UMTS tracking devices on a single easy-to-use interface.

The Motorola network is widely used and renowned for its high tech capabilities and reliability of performance.  The Motorola MOTOTRBO two way radio tracking range includes mobiles and portables that enable businesses to view critical location, telemetry and text information in an instant using a radio network that connects the office directly with operators in the field.

The Cellular Family are the most advanced GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracking units on the market, utilising mobile communication technology to relay data with the ability to provide practical custom reporting features.  These units can be installed into any vehicle or asset for use in metro and non-remote areas using the Next G network and are programmable to record, transmit and report on multiple functions.

In more remote areas, a high tech satellite solution such as SkyWave can provide a programmable, low-power solution that monitors, controls and manages mobile and fixed assets.  Satellite products offer much in the way of programmable features, including emergency use and two way communication.

Unique to TurboTrack is their ongoing software development, their in-house programmers are constantly upgrading the system to offer additional benefits through extensive customisation.  A variety of reports can be run in the TurboTrack interface which can be exported in various formats for editing or forwarding such as PDF, Excel or Rich Text Format.

Some key features of TurboTrack include real time tracking so you can view your vehicles, staff or radios from anywhere in the world with an internet connection to monitor speed, direction and location of your assets at any one time.  Replays allow you to select an asset, date and time to replay, emergency response includes emergency calls and man down alarms and geo-fence provides entry and exit alerts among other custom designed features.

For more information on TurboTrack head to their website.