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Radio system upgrade

1st May 2017

We have recently provided a radio upgrade to a security company based here in Adelaide.  This upgrade included just under 100 radios that would provide localised radio coverage in a number of venues around Adelaide.

The radios chosen were the Motorola DP4801e full display radios for supervisors, the DP4400e for general venue operations and the DM4601e for office radios.  All of these radios are ideal for working in a high noise environment as the intelligent audio feature automatically adjusts the radio volume based on ambient environment level providing clearer audio.  The DP4801e also has a full colour display with day/night mode, this feature along with text messaging allows for quick easy to read status messages.

To allow the supervisors to communicate over a wide area throughout metro Adelaide, the Orion network has been utilised. The Orion network is powered by Motorola’s high quality digital repeater units and provides a private talk path for fleets as well as the ability for one to one communications if required. The Orion network also provides connectivity to other capital cities and several major regional areas around Australia giving a pathway forward for a centralised dispatch centre here in Adelaide if required.