South Australia’s trusted dealer of quality radio equipment and accessories

CSE Tetracom boasts the largest range of two way radio accessories and equipment in South Australia. If you are looking to optimise the performance of your radio with customised options and add-ons, then we have a line of accessories to support every industry environment.
Our two way radio accessory range includes:

Antennas for radio communications

Our two way radio technicians can advise on the most appropriate antenna for your system or vehicle to ensure you experience excellent voice clarity and coverage from your radio network. From discrete and high performance antennas to combined radio and GPS antennas, we stock the full range to cover all terrain.

Speaker microphones

If you require the ease of speaking and listening without taking your radio from its case, carrier or vehicle mount, we have a range of remote and mobile speaker microphones to enable you to keep your hands free. We carry designs with advanced features including: windporting, noise-canceling acoustics, and IP57 submersibility.

Carry cases

From belt clips, leather carry pouches and straps to waterproof bags, we carry a range of cases to ensure your radio is always by your side and safe from harsh wear and tear.


Perfect for the control centre, plant floor or in-vehicle – our headsets come in light, medium and heavy duty capacity enabling you to move freely whilst receiving instruction or directing tasks. Our headset options provide maximum output for high clarity communications and come in various design including in-ear or behind head models.


It is worth investing in the best global performance brands when selecting a battery for your two way radio. We stock batteries for all major radio brands including Motorola, GME, Kenwood and Hytera. Ask about our significant cost savings when purchasing battery packs at the time of radio purchase.

Battery chargers

With our range of two way radio charging and reconditioning options, you never need to lose connection due to a failed battery. From single unit and multi-unit to in-vehicle charging options – we can recommend the best fit for your business.