Software applications for intelligent two way radio

Integrated data applications for two way radio are being developed at a rapid pace globally and when combined with a voice solution, play a major role in the creation of new businesses efficiencies.

With mobile workforces requiring greater flexibility in terms of where their work is conducted, two way radio applications are enabling tasks such as reporting, automated dispatch, routing, text messaging, asset management and location tracking to be integrated into a single handset for efficient field operations.

CSE Tetracom belongs to a network of hundreds of two way radio application developers across Asia Pacific, focused on developing new software to support industries including manufacturing, concrete, transport, health and mining.

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Cost efficient fleet communications – intelligent radio solutions

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Two way radio is a competitive fleet collaboration tool when you consider its durability, one-to-many group communication ability, fixed cost billing and unique duress alert features. While mobile devices like tablets and smart phones are also host to productivity focused applications, their coverage, reliability and durability is not comparable and usage tends to lean toward social conversation rather than critical communications.

Having constant visibility over team member location and status allows for simple goal setting and achievement. Personnel on the ground will feel reassured by the ease in which talk groups can be established to communicate work orders and interact with field crews via real time voice and data transfer.

We’re committed to ongoing innovation to support new business process

Through our global technology partnerships, we contribute to research and development programs that innovate new applications targeting the simplification of business processes. These transformative software applications can be combined with voice technologies to create new levels of interoperability on a single radio handset or in-vehicle mobile radio and can also connect different communication platforms including computers, two way radio, phone and satellite.