Integrated Solutions

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Our integrated communication solutions are transforming business processes by combining voice and data to achieve greater productivity and safety performance. Whether you are managing a control room, public facility or local council, our intelligent radio solutions can automate common business processes such as asset management, security management, location tracking and performance monitoring and reporting.

At CSE Tetracom we are committed to developing a unique understanding of your critical business issues and processes to design a custom communications strategy capable of simplifying everyday practices.

Our intelligent radio solutions include:

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Intelligent asset management solutions Adelaide

If you are responsible for the management of assets that are critical to the delivery of core services, we can assist you to automatically track, locate and deploy these items and report on their status or performance.

For example, a Local Council that is responsible for the watering of public parks requires a log of every sprinkler head within its jurisdiction. We can enable the documentation of the exact location, type and performance of each sprinkler, so that if a burst main or other watering issue occurs, intelligent radio systems can be used to identify the exact GPS location, while creating an automated response record to support KPI reporting.

Other benefits of asset management for intelligent radios include:

  • Cost efficiency through reduced loss and purchase of new assets
  • Increased utilisation with greater visibility and ability to identify redundancy
  • Improved performance through routine maintenance and calibration
  • Increased productivity through efficient resource allocation and reduction in lost time

To find out more about our asset management solutions for intelligent two way radio in Adelaide, contact our team.

Software applications for intelligent two way radio Adelaide

There are hundreds of two way radio application developers across Asia Pacific focusing on developing new software to support industries including manufacturing, concrete, transport, health and mining.

Through our global technology partnerships, we contribute to research and development programs that further the development of initiatives targeting the simplification of business processes. These transformative software applications can be combined with voice technologies to create new levels of interoperability on a single radio handset or in-vehicle mobile radio. They can also connect different communication platforms including computers, two way radio, phone and satellite.

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