Data collection and transmission – integrated telemetering solutions

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If you’re seeking to improve a specific business function, monitor system performance or remotely manage critical assets, we can design an intelligent radio telemetry system to support your operational objectives.

CSE Tetracom’s radio telemetry services are trusted by major utility providers, water authorities, the defence forces and the resource sector. From updating engine calibrations, through to deactivating machinery and monitoring water quality – we recommend the use of telemetry systems to remotely transmit time sensitive information to trigger a critical business response.

We are the distributors for a range of telemetry technologies and transceivers that are compliant with strict security standards and are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and constant movement.

To find out how more about our telemetry expertise in Adelaide, contact our team.

Improve customer experience with integrated voice solutions

We have the capability to provide an integrated voice and data solution that can connect multiple devices such as mobile phones, radios and computers to support multi-faceted operations.

Our voice and data solutions can:

  • Track team members via GPS and web viewing platforms
  • Automate the clocking on and off of employees for optimised workflow
  • Centrally dispatch orders to provide greater customer service and up to date information
  • Enable team members to call for help should an emergency arise
  • Provide uninterrupted coverage in shopping centres, basements, car parks and other places where mobile coverage is unreliable

All of these features are available at a fixed cost to ensure you can manage your communication budget and resource allocation.