Predictive Coverage Surveys

Reliable radio network coverage mapping services

If you are seeking uninterrupted network coverage for a single site, multi-site or national operation, you don’t want to rely on chance when selecting the correct network for your unique fleet and ground crew requirements.

At CSE Tetracom our qualified network engineers use the latest equipment and software to produce a detailed coverage map that can be relied upon to accurately quote, design and commission a robust network system.

Our predictive surveys create a model of the RF environment using simulation tools to plan the number and positioning of repeater base stations to produce desired coverage. Using this information, we can then make an assessment as to whether to place you on an existing network or, if there are gaps in coverage, consider supplementary sites or alternative site modelling.

Contact our Adelaide predictive coverage specialists to discuss your unique project or facility requirements.

Fixed cost radio network coverage for local and national operations

As South Australia’s premier two way radio infrastructure engineers, we offer a range of private and public network options across Adelaide, as well as being a proud partner of Australia’s largest national digital radio network – The Orion Network.

Contact us to find out which of our fixed cost networks is most suited to your business requirements. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how moving from a group mobile telecommunications strategy to an intelligent radio communications strategy can significantly enhance your businesses processes and reduce expenditure. We create the tools that allow your business to evolve.