Managed Services

Managed two-way radio services for progressive businesses in South Australia

Contracting the management of your radio communication system to CSE Tetracom in Adelaide, enables you to focus on what you do best, providing you with assurance that your radio infrastructure is in the hands of an experienced and technically savvy two-way radio team.

Predictable control – no unwelcome surprises

Unpredictability and good business rarely mix. When you establish a managed service agreement with CSE Tetracom you remove the guesswork from understanding your network’s health and performance. Opting for managed services means you receive one competitive fixed-price monthly invoice allowing you to manage costs and avoid the in-house investment of employing your own dedicated communication staff.

Let us take on the risk and commitment to achieve zero downtime – put maintenance issues out of mind.

Call our radio services team now to find out how we can support your performance targets.

You set the standards – we keep them

In order to ensure we meet your expectations, our managed service agreement will include pre-defined key performance indicators, against which you can easily benchmark the benefits of outsourcing your maintenance program. We will then report regularly against these criteria to ensure that performance targets are maintained and your investment in radio communication technologies is preserved.

As a priority managed two way radio services client, we can offer you 24 hour technical support – however, most of the time we will detect and repair potential issues before you are even aware they exist.

Managed radio infrastructure – it just makes sense

Ensuring your team is always connected, should never get in the way of your core business. It’s easy to underestimate the time required to manage communications infrastructure in-house. We’ve got the right skills, experience and technology partners to make sure your systems never fail and remain up to date.