Fixed cost radio network coverage for local and national operations

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At CSE Tetracom we are prepared to tackle the most challenging, technical and remote team communication environments.

Our digital voice and data solutions can be implemented at a single site or across multiple work sites and support wide area interstate operations. As South Australia’s premier two way radio infrastructure engineers, we offer a range of private and public network options across Adelaide, as well as being a proud partner of Australia’s largest national digital radio network – Orion.

Contact us to find out which of our fixed cost networks is most suited to your business requirements. We’d also love to demonstrate how moving from a group mobile telecommunications strategy to an intelligent radio communications strategy can significantly enhance your business processes and reduce expenditure. We create the tools that allow your business to evolve.

Connecting teams on the move in Adelaide and greater Australia

The Orion Network

If your operations demand a digital radio network capable of supporting Australia-wide communications, The Orion Network can provide seamless interstate roaming across Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra.

Perfect for national fleets and large mobile workforces, the Orion Network is powered by Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus digital technology, which integrates digital voice and data technologies capable of transforming the way you currently do business.

Supporting portable radios, mobile radios, data applications and a host of accessories and services, The Orion Network Australia ensures your field workers can be located anywhere, anytime.

CSE Tetracom is a proud partner of The Orion Network in Australia and is a stockist of OrionReady radios and accessories.

Team Talk

Teamtalk is a wide-area service operating on the international MPT1327 protocol. This system provides users with the ability to make group or private voice calls in addition to supporting Short Message Services (SMS) and simple telephony interconnection.


Powered by Icom’s IDAS digital technology, Tetranet allows quality push-to-talk group or private calls while benefiting from the modern advances in digital radio technology. Ideally suited to the commercial and industrial sectors, this service delivers outstanding performance at a realistic price point.

Telstra Fleetcoms

Our Telstra Fleetcoms service allows you to use UHF radio units to make radio calls to and from other mobiles that you operate within the same fleet. Coverage options include both single and multiple sites with voice and data transmission to other communication services such as Telstra’s fixed or mobile services.

Contact our two way radio network specialists to discuss your site and workforce specifications.