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On demand two way radio rentals

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Renting your two way radio equipment is a viable, cost effective solution for businesses who don’t want the immediate capital outlay required to set up communications infrastructure, or have a one off event.

We provide a variety of rental options for clients with both short and long-term equipment needs. Whether you’re up scaling your operations, conducting routine maintenance or managing a fluctuating workforce, we can provide a range of analogue, digital and satellite technologies to integrate with your existing working environment.

There’s no job too big or too small. Our business rental equipment can be implemented at a single site, across multiple work sites, and also support wide area interstate operations. Our two way radio rental solutions in Adelaide include:

  • A technology assessment to identify best fit
  • Solution development and risk assessment
  • Testing
  • Delivery and pick up, no matter where you’re located
  • Training and set up
  • Competitive rates for long-term hires

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Two way radio for event management

The adoption of a two way radio communication system for large scale events is critical if you need to keep a disparate roaming workforce connected, safe and informed. Two way radio systems are extremely easy to use and can be very effective for crowd management, security and hospitality functions.

Our digital voice and data radio technologies enable you to:

  • Establish multiple talk groups and private talk paths
  • Program duress functions with automated trigger
  • Dispatch from one central location
  • Find your workforce with GPS tracking
  • Integrate data applications such as text messaging
  • Communicate in noisy environments with automated volume control

To find out more about our two way radio event hire solutions, contact our South Australian event hire team.